Saturday, June 30, 2012

Malaysia Pandas Named Altantuya And Scorpene


Malaysia Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment said Malaysian government had signed an agreement with China Wildlife Conservation Association (CWCA). According to the agreement, China will loan a pair of Chinese giant pandas to Malaysia for 10 years.

Although the mainstream media spoke highly of the pandas but it's totally a different story to Malaysians who are extremely dissatisfied with the ignorant Barisan Nasional government. Malaysia Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment had rolled out a nationwide contest to name the pandas. Some talented Malaysians suggested a few lovely names with alluding to corruption and sensitive political issues. These creative names are "Cincin and Beg-beg", "Bersih and Stop-Lynas", "Altantuya and Scorpene", "You help me and I help you" and "Corruption and Abuse of Power".

As China and Mongolia are closely related, one of the pandas named after a Mongolian girl Altantuya is the most appropriate. The other panda named as Scorpene is to associate the panda with the French Scorpene submarine purchased by Malaysian Armed Forces.

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