Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mama Bersih Tan Phaik Ean Rallys To Protest

Tan Phaik Ean

Mama Bersih Tan Phaik Ean insists on clean election for our children's future. She joined 428 Bersih 3.0 determinedly to express her discontent.

Tan Phaik Ean was one of the speakers of a public forum which was hosted by Sunflower Electoral Education Movement (SEED). The forum was showcased on May 26 at Heng Ann Association at Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho in Malacca.

The experience of turned out for demonstration with hundred thousand of indignant protesters on street was tremendously impressive. Tan Phaik Ean shared her excitement with the attendees of the forum. In order to ensure her daughter acquires better living environment in future, she dared to face the threat of tear gas and water cannon.

Even mothers and housewives are brave enough to fight for their right. The shameless politicians still keep on bullshitting. The present regime is absolutely no credibility.

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