Friday, December 7, 2007

Korean Ginseng Extract 02

Ginseng Extract

Preparing ginseng extract drink is very simple. Add one spoon (The spoon in the above photo) of ginseng extract to 100 ml of warm water and drink it. You can add more water to dilute the solution. Add some honey to sweeten the drink if you want.

Ginseng is a traditional herb which is able to enhance our health. If you search for ginseng by using the internet search engine, thousands of web directories regarding ginseng will display in front of your eyes at the monitor screen. You will find out how good the ginseng is after reading these articles. So, remember to buy some ginseng or ginseng products when you pay a visit to South Korea.

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  1. I’ve been all over Asia and I must say that I’ve enjoyed my visits to all of the Asian Countries, but I’m sorry to say that I’ve haven’t yet been to Korea.
    But i would like to get there one day.
    Thanks for a great blog

  2. Korea is one of the most expensive country in the world that is why there are a lot of Koreans in Cebu. They can enjoy luxury are the lesser cost.


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