Wednesday, December 12, 2007

South Korea Giant Buddha Statue

Giant Buddha Statue

The Giant Buddha statue is at the main entrance of Mt. Sorak National Park. The statue is built beside the Shinheungsa Temple at the slope of Mt. Sorak.

Korea has been divided into North and South Korea for over half a century. The Government of South Korea built this huge statue wishing that the separated nation can be united. So, the Giant Buddha statue is the symbol of unification for Korean. It is the largest sitting bronze statue in the world. The duration of construction took 11 years.

The Giant Buddha has a merciful smiling face which looks down at its visitors. Many people come here to pray for their wishes. You can do so by lighting candles and face the Buddha statue to make your wish. The candles are available from the shop nearby the temple. There are containers at the bottom of the statue for prayers to place the candles.

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