Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mt. Sorak 01

Mt. Sorak
Mt. SorakMt. Sorak is the third highest mountain in South Korea and located in Gangwon Province at the east coast of South Korea. It is a 4 hours drive from Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. The South Korean government established Mt. Sorak as a nature preservation area in 1965 and named it Mt. Sorak National Park. In 1982, UNESCO declared Mt. Sorak National Park as World Heritage of nature.

Autumn is the best time to visit Mt. Sorak. The beautiful mountain scenery with fantastic rock formation and colourful forests is really impressive. If you want to feel the cold winter breeze and white snow then you can visit Mt. Sorak during winter. Seokcho city is the nearest city to Mt. Sorak. It takes fifteen minutes drive from Seokcho city to Mt. Sorak. The most popular visited site of Mt. Sorak is the main entrance of Mt. Sorak National Park. The Giant Buddha statue and the Shinhung Temple are at the main entrance of Mt. Sorak National Park.

Arrive at the main entrance of Mt. Sorak National Park, you have to take a walk to the cable car station to take a cable car ride to the Gwongeumseong Fort. If you are fit enough then you can continue your journey by climbing up to one of the Mt. Sorak summit. There are mountain paths that lead you to the peak. The cable car is not operating in winter due to the windy weather. I went to Mt. Sorak in early December 2005. I was very lucky because of the fine weather so the cable car was accessible. Finally, I managed to reach to the top of Mt. Sorak.

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