Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Western Australia Farmstay

Western Australia Farmstay

We stayed overnight in a farm during our Western Australia trip.

Western Australia Bus

We were heading to the farm with this bus after visiting Caversham Wildlife Park.


It's too long ago, that's why I couldn't remember the name and location of the farm.


Besides sheep, there were other animals such as cattle, horses, and llamas in the farm. Llama is mini camel without hump.

Western Australia Farmstay

Various activities were provided for visitors. Riding horse was one of the activities we had experienced in the farm.

Sheep Shearing

This was the photo of a sheep shearer showing his wonderful skill of shearing a sheep. It really needs to be skillful to shear a sheep. If not, your ass will be kicked by the sheep.

Old School Bus

This was the old school bus of the farm for "Bumpy Ride" around the farm. The bus driver drove the old school bus up and down hill. This "Bumpy Ride" was truly fantastic.

Western Australia Farmstay

Visitors were allowed to feed the animals in the farm. My wife was with a worker of the farm feeding a lamb. The two boys behind them are my sons.

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