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Taiwan Vigor Kobo Bakery

Vigor Kobo Bakery

Vigor Kobo Bakery was one of our visiting destinations during our Taiwan trip.

Vigor Kobo Map

Vigor Kobo Bakery is located at 87, Chengtai Road, New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Vigor Kobo Bakery

Upon arrival at Vigor Kobo Bakery, we were directed to DIY section for experiencing the excitement of making pineapple cookies.

Vigor Kobo Bakery

A worker of Vigor Kobo Bakery was demonstrating the basic way of making pineapple cookies to visitors.

Vigor Kobo Bakery

This photo shows my wife was enjoying making pineapple cookies and I kept on taking pictures.

Vigor Kobo Bakery

In the process of making pineapple cookies, a few molds were provided for making various forms of interesting pineapple cookies.

Vigor Kobo Bakery

These were two of the pineapple cookies made by my wife. The pineapple cookies were fragrant but I dared not to taste them.

Vigor Kobo Bakery

The ready make pineapple cookies were packed with this box. My wife finished eating all the pineapple cookies before returning to Malaysia.

Vigor Kobo Bakery

After DIY segment, we were heading to manufacturing department to see the process of making pineapple cookies with machine.

These replica pineapples were truly charming. Chinese believe that pineapple is the symbol of fortune. That's why Chinese like to hang pineapple lanterns.

Vigor Kobo Bakery

There are a few procedures of making pineapple cookies. These steps are preparing materials, wrapping stuffing, baking cookies, remove cookies from the molds and finally packing pineapples cookies.

Giant Pineapple

This was the giant pineapple displaying at the sale space. Visitors were grabbing to pose under the giant pineapple to take photos.

According to the tourist guide, you will be fortunate after taking photo with the giant pineapple.

Vigor Kobo Cookies

We purchased several favor of Vigor Kobo cookies. The cookies were chestnut cookies, sun milk cookies, pineapple cookies and green bean cookies.

Green bean cookie means cookie with green bean stuffing. I like green bean cookie but my wife prefers chestnut cookie.

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