Friday, July 25, 2014

Fraser Hill Smokehouse


We proceeded to Smokehouse after relaxing in Fraser Hill Public Park.


There is no smoke around Smokehouse although its name is Smokehouse.


From what I know, Smokehouse was built during British Colonial. The building is preserved in good condition until now. It's the place where British stayed for holidays at Fraser Hill during the old times.


Now Smokehouse has turned into a hotel which provides accommodation for Fraser Hill visitors. Besides accommodation, Smokehouse also provides distinctive food and beverage for customers.


Smokehouse was built according to the architecture of buildings found in the countryside of England. That's why staying at Smokehouse as if staying in England countryside.

Tea Set

This tea set is made with tin. The tea set is not for serving drink. It's for displaying at Smokehouse Cafe. Apart from the tea set, there are many antiques made with copper displaying at the cafe.


This is the photo of Smokehouse living room. The layout of living room resembles the living room of house in England.

Photos and furniture shows the nostalgia ambience. Especially in front of the fireplace, it's where family gathers during cold winter.


There is a mini garden outside Smokehouse.

You can relax in the mini garden in the morning and evening. Beyond enjoy the cool breeze, you can listen to various species of birds tweet in the mini garden.

Honey Bee

There are many colorful daisies in the mini garden. A honey bee was busy collecting honey and pollen on a yellow daisy.

I didn't have technique and a camera zoom lens to take amazing photo. If not I would take a good shot of the bee with the yellow daisy.

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