Saturday, June 21, 2014

Savoring Supper In Jeju

Restaurant Jeju

We were enjoying supper in this restaurant after getting around in Jeju of South Korea.


We ordered two dishes for our supper. First order was Jeju abalones as shown in the photo.


Second dish was large scallops. The taste of the scallops is better than abalones. The price of each dish is 30 thousands Won.

Spider Crab

Spider crabs are also served by this restaurant. As we do not like to eat crabs, so we didn't order spider crabs.

Puffer Fish

Other than scallop, abalone and spider crab, this restaurant also provides other seafood such as puffer fish. Are you dared to taste puffer fish which is believed to be poisonous?

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  1. One of my unfulfilled vacation list. I have list it down in year 2010-2011 but due to some problem.. I have to let it go. Hopefully I managed to go Jeju Island next coming year..

    1. Jeju is truly charming. You shouldn't miss it.


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