Friday, June 27, 2014

Savoring Colombia Coffee


Enjoying aroma coffee and watching FIFA World Cup 2014 live telecast is truly delighting.

As a poor retiree, I am unable to subscribe a paid tv station for live telecast. So I go to bed after drinking coffee.


Successively defeated Greece and Côte d'Ivoire, Colombia of South America has qualified for last 16.

After eliminating Japan in the third group match, Colombia will play with Uruguay on 29 June for booking a quarter-final ticket.

Colombia Coffee Beans

It happens to be so coincidence that Colombia coffee is my favorite drink.

Colombia Coffee Beans

During our Taiwan leisure trip, we dropped by Taipei Fong Da Cafe to savor coffee. Before leaving, we bought two packets of coffee beans.

One packet is Cuba Blue Mountain coffee beans and the other packet is Colombia coffee beans. The price of Cuba Blue Mountain coffee is more expensive but I prefer to fragrant taste of Colombia coffee.

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  1. The aroma of Colombia coffee is definitely my first choice. Looking forward to it

  2. A real savoring of coffee feelings you extended. Pretty loving definitely. Perhaps this is one of the best read as a Italian coffee lover. I also start my day with a heavy fragrant coffee. Thanks for your mind-blowing and coffee loving story.


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