Monday, June 30, 2014

Malacca Merlimau Farmers' Market

Merlimau Farmers' Market

There is a famers' market in Merlimau.

Merlimau Farmers' Market

This farmers' market is available every Sunday and Tuesday morning.

Merlimau Farmers' Market

Located at Jalan Jasin Merlimau, a wide range of agricultural goods are sold at farmers' market.

Traditional Medicine

Other than agricultural goods, traditional medicine is also can be purchased at Merlimau Farmers' Market.

Merlimau Farmers' Market

Bundles of savory foods are sold at Merlimau Farmers' Market include murtabak and local delicious pastries.

Merlimau Farmers' Market

Pastry "apam balik" of this stall is truly popular among Merliamu Farmers' Market visitors. Grab the oppotunity to taste Merlimau "apam balik" when you are around Merlimau.

Mobile Waffle

This boss sells waffles with a van. Some flavors of waffles are provided to meet the needs of the customers. The waffle flavors are chocolate, margarine, strawberry, cappuccino and coconut jam.

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