Saturday, May 17, 2014

Snapping Around Teluk Intan

Teluk Intan

We snapped some street photos during our trip to Teluk Intan Perak.

Teluk Intan

This man was taking photo along a busy street. The location is opposite Leaning Tower.

Teluk Intan

This is a row of old shop houses in Teluk Intan. These old buildings are historical heritage of Teluk Intan.

Teluk Intan

The old buildings in Teluk Intan should be retained to preserve the multiracial cultural heritage in Malaysia.

Teluk Intan Health Clinic

Teluk Intan Health Clinic was completed in 2010. Not sure whether the service provided is equivalent to the magnificent buildings.


We met these two friendly youngsters fishing by Perak River. They are enjoying fishing at the jetty during their leisure time. We chatted with them on the information of Teluk Intan.

Antique Bicycle

An old bicycle was placed at a back lane of shop houses. This shows that Teluk Intan is a peaceful town. The safety of public in Teluk Intan is not a problem. Feel free to drop by Teluk Intan to experience the uniqueness of this harmony town.

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