Monday, May 5, 2014

Kuala Lipis Walking Tour

Kuala Lipis

After check-in Lipis Plaza Hotel, we walked around Kuala Lipis old town.

Kuala Lipis

This is the main street of Kuala Lipis. The photo was captured before the nightfall.

Kuala Lipis

Kuala Lipis is an inland small town. The night of Kuala Lipis is so tranquil and beautiful.

Kuala Lipis

London Hotel is located at Main Street Kuala Lipis. As shown in the above photo, London Hotel is a mini hotel.

Kuala Lipis

Besides London Hotel, there is another hotel at Main Street Kuala Lipis. The hotel is Tong Kok Hotel. Tong Kok Hotel also provides food and beverage for customers.

S. Veluppillai Barbershop

A barbershop is available at Kuala Lipis Main Street. The barbershop is named as S. Veluppillai Barbershop. Residents of Kuala Lipis like visit this barbershop for hair cut.

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