Sunday, May 25, 2014

Penang Tambun Biscuit

Tambun Biscuit

The fresh and delicious Penang tambun biscuit is my favorite, it's so mouth watering. Since my first bite of Penang tambun biscuit in 1999, I can't stop from eating it. I will buy tambun biscuit whenever I drop by Penang.

Chuan Peng Heang tambun biscuit is my first choice. There is a Chuan Peng Heang outlet opposite Bukit Jambul Shopping Mall. After shopping at Bukit Jambul Shopping Mall, I will proceed to Chuan Peng Heang Pastry Shop to buy tambun biscuit.

Tambun Biscuit

The price of a box of Chuan Peng Heang tambun biscuit is RM 9.30 (1999). The ingredients of tambun biscuit are salt, flour, sugar, onion, green bean and cooking oil.

Remember to buy tambun biscuit when you are around in Penang. Make sure that the tambun biscuit is fresh, otherwise its taste wouldn't be so nice.

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