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Macau Ruins Of St Paul's

Ruins of St Paul's

The Ruins of St Paul's was the first location we visited during our Macau trip in September last year.

Rua Do Tarrafeiro

We walked along the narrow Rua Do Tarrafeiro from Macau Sofitel Hotel Ponte 16 to Ruins of St Paul's.

Ruins of St Paul's

Strolling as well taking photo on the way to Ruins of St Paul's, we reached Ruins of St Paul's in around 20 minutes.

It was raining drizzly in the early morning on that day. Fortunately the rain stopped when we arrive at Ruins of St Paul's.

Ruins of St Paul's

Remember to get up early to avoid congestion at tourist attraction while traveling. You will face crowded problem if you are late.

Ruins of St Paul's

This ruin arch was the front entrance of St Paul Church. The church was razed to ground in 1853 except the front part and the stone steps in front of the building.

Ruins of St Paul's

The front and back of the ruin arch are totally different. The unique sculpture of the front part is truly amazing but the rear part is just same as normal wall of a building.

Ruins of St Paul's

Photos of the change of St Paul Church are displayed at the site of Ruins of St Paul's. Visitors like to pose in front of the photos. They didn't expect they had become the model for public.

Ruins of St Paul's

Two bronze statues which symbolize the friendship between China and Portugal are built at St Paul Square.

One of the bronze statue is a man and the other is a lady. The man bronze statue represents Portugal and the lady bronze statue represents China.

Macau Trishaw

A few trishaws are provided by Macau Government Tourist Office for tourists to take photo.

You can take as many photos as you want without any charges. If in Malaysia, you need to pay before taking photo. Time for taking photo with the trishaws is seven days a week from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Ruins of St Paul's

There is a row of grave on the right side behind the ruin arch. According to Macau government archaeological research, those are the graves of the missionaries.

Macau government had done its bid to restore Ruins of St Paul's and open for public to visit. This move not only offers employment opportunities for Macau residents but it also boosts the economy of Macau.

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