Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Exploring Malacca Jasin Town


Jasin Town is about 28 km from Malacca Town. It’s the administrative center of Jasin District.


Although it's a mini town, the traffic condition of Jasin Town is same as most of the big cities in Malaysia.


This row of old building is located along Jalan Kesang in Jasin Town. The building was built in 1927. That's almost hundred years ago.


Besides Sports Toto, Magnum and Big Sweep are also available in Jasin Town. I am a loyal sponsor and donate money regularly to these three companies.


Indian residents can be seen shopping in Jasin Town. Most of them are from rubber and oil palm plantations around Jasin Town. These plantations were started by British in the past.

Kamala Theater

This is the photo of Kamala Theater in Jasin Town. Kamala Theater had stopped operating for long time. It's believed to be unable to compete with the video tape movie during the 80s.


There are many shops operate by Indian in Jasin Town. These shops include barber shops and grocery stores.

This traditional grocery store is at Jalan Kesang. A wide range of food and daily stuffs are sold in this store.

Jasin District and Land Office

I accompanied my wife to Jasin District and Land Office last year. My wife went there to deal with the house grant. I am her personal driver without any pay.

The new Jasin District and Land Office was built at hillside. If you travel from Jasin Town to Malacca Town, Jasin District and Land Office is on the right of you. The distance is just only a few minutes driving from Jasin Town.

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