Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Amsterdam Nam Kee Restaurant

Restaurant Nam Kee

Departing from Simonehoeve Cheese and Clogs Farm, we moved to Amsterdam Nam Kee Restaurant for dinner.


Our dinner time in Amsterdam is at 5 pm. The time in Malaysia is at 12 midnight. After savoring delicious food, we had a walk and captured some photos outside the restaurant.


The area was safe, quiet and clean. We felt cozy of strolling around the square. Amsterdam residents were relaxing outside the food and beverage outlets. They prefer to be outside the building during summer.

Heineken Gallery

While waiting for the coach, I took a few shot of Heineken Gallery. This gallery originally was a brewery.

As the brewery spreading smell, it stopped operating and turned into a gallery. At first the gallery charged a small admission fee. The price of the fee increased due to the good respond of Heineken fans.


Suddenly a group of biker appeared on the other side of the road. As you can see from the photo, a lady was crossing the road in a hurry.

The cyclist won't give way to pedestrian in Amsterdam. That's why you have to be aware while walking in Amsterdam. You shouldn't step into the bicycle track if not you may be hit and get hurt.

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