Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Taiwan Famous Delicacy Pineapple Cookie

Pineapple Cookie

My son returned home during the Dragon Boat Festival last month. He brought back a box of Taiwan pineapple cookie. He went to Taipei for business in early June. This is his second trip to Taiwan. Before that he had been to Taiwan once.

Pineapple Cookie

Taiwan pineapple cookie tastes good. Malacca pineapple cookie is too sweet and fatty. These two types of pineapple cookies are totally different. The material of making outer layer of Taiwan pineapple cookie are egg, sugar, flour, cream, milk and citric acid. While the fillings are cream, white gourd jam and pineapple jam.

Taiwanese food is said to be mild tasting. That's why Malaysians who like strong-flavored foods are not used to Taiwanese food. My diet is always less fat, less salt and less sugar. So I truly like the taste of Taiwan pineapple cookie.

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