Sunday, July 15, 2012

714 Johor Muar Tanjung Emas Square Stop Lynas Action

Stop Lynas

A nationwide action of protesting against Lynas in Malaysia was organized resoundingly by Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL) on July 14 in Muar, Johor.

It happened that I had to handle something in Muar. Therefore I drop by Muar Tanjung Emas to cast my vote to kick away Lynas from Malaysia.

In spite of being a Malacca resident, I am deeply empathy of the destiny of Kuantan people. That's the reason I resolutely oppose the setup of Australia Lynas Corporation Ltd Rare Earth Plant in Gebeng, Kuantan.

Malaysia regime should be changed as soon as possible so as to ensure Malaysians would have a better future.

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