Friday, July 27, 2012

Ambiga Purified The Air Of Malacca


Barisan Nasional is trembling with fear when hearing of Bersih Co-chairperson Ambiga. So Barisan Nasional exerts a lot of pressure to stop Ambiga from meeting her supporters.

Ambiga finally managed to show up in Malacca. She was one of the beloved leaders who had turned up at the Malacca Bersih and Anti-Lynas Concert on July 13.

Actually Ambiga is just a friendly lady. It's extremely funny why Barisan Nasional is so dreaded of her? Could it be Barisan Nasional is so fragile and cannot withstand just a single blow? Because of the demonstration in Merlimau, the whereabout of Ambiga will be kept strictly confidential. This is to prevent UMNO and Perkasa from creating chaos.

Ambiga is glad to know that Malacca people are strongly supporting Bersih and Anti-Lynas. In her speech, she stated that the recent battle of democracy in Malacca began in 1985 on the Bukit Cina issue. She praised Malacca folks are brave to fight for the human rights.

Ambiga hopes clean election in Malaysia will be fully implemented in coming 13th generation election.

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