Thursday, May 24, 2012

Police Showed Up For Taking Photos In Merlimau


Last Saturday afternoon, a troop of PDRM came to Taman Sri Merlimau, Merlimau. Aunts and makcik-makcik of my neighbors closed the doors and windows of their houses immediately. They one after another asked me what's going on.


Besides police came to show their faces, there were two gangs of demonstrators. First group of them were Malacca Jasin UMNO members. The other flock of protestors were Malacca Perkasa.

Bersih President Ambiga just wanted to have an afternoon tea with Merlimau dwellers. Why UMNO and Perkasa so timid? Their appearance had created dread among the residents of Taman Sri Merlimau.


These loyal fans of UMNO climbed up the fence wall of occupant of Taman Sri Merlimau. Their mischief behavior exposes UMNO is truly an undisciplined political party. Do you want Malaysia to be governed by this notorious people?

The episode of Merlimau disturbance is utterly a sad story of Malaysian because the police who were on duty didn't take any appropriate action. They just stood there as lamp poles erected along the street.

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