Monday, May 21, 2012

Malaysia Rotten Eggs Political Party UMNO


Malacca Jasin UMNO Youth Secretary Jezlee Tit denied his members involved in the incident of throwing stones and rotten eggs at DAP supporters and two Malacca State Legislative Assembly Members.

The assault occurred when the victims were attending the high tea meetup with Bersih President Ambiga at Merlimau Jalan Batu Gajah PAS Base.

Based on an article of Malaysiakini, Jezlee Tit who is also Merliamu UMNO Youth Chief claimed that he didn't give any directive to throw stones and rotten eggs. I took this picture coincidentally. It's a concrete evidence for uncovering the deceit of Jezlee Tit.

The fraud of Jezlee Tit proved that UMNO is a political party which absolutely has no integrity.

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  1. Hello, I am a reporter with Malaysiakini. We're interested to find out more about what happened in Merlimau, from an eye witness. I wonder if you'd be able to contact me at 03-2283 5567 or perhaps email me your contact details at Thank you.


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