Thursday, May 3, 2012

Angry Bird Protests Against The Injustice Of BN


The response of 325 protest rally on short of teachers in SJKC was truly overwhelming. It reveals that Chinese community fully supports the rally which had been held in Kajang New Era College. Even the Angry Bird which is very popular among the computer gamers also showed up during the rally.

As a component party of the ruling government, instead of upgrading Chinese education systematically, MCA plays the role as an opposition party and always begs for alms from UMNO. The dominant party of BN, UMNO will do whatever it could to marginalize Chinese schools in Malaysia. The useless MCA keeps on spoiling the soup in this issue.

Deputy Minister of Education Wee Ka Siong who turned up during the rally was greeted with boos and jeers. This incident unveiled the indignant of Malaysia Chinese residents. The explosive situation seems to be the jeopardy of BN in the 13th general election. It's funny that the extreme stubborn MCA won't realize this reality.

Chinese voters who are as angry as Angry Birds will punish MCA in coming general election.

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