Friday, July 29, 2011

The UFO Shaped Jellyfish


This photo was taken in Seoul Coex Aquarium. The stuffs in the photo are UFO shaped jellyfish not jellyfish shaped UFO.

Jellyfish are found from the surface to the deep ocean all over the world. Some jellyfish are living in freshwater, they are translucent and normally do not sting. The sizes of freshwater jellyfish are not big. They can grow up to 3 cm in diameter. Larger and colorful jellyfish, most likely are poisonous and dangerous. These jellyfish are commonly seen in coastal area.

Jellyfish are carnivores and hunt for small marine creatures. Great amount of jellyfish is a threat to human beings and marine product. Luckily the numbers of jellyfish have reduced after scientific research on the usage of jellyfish had been done. Jellyfish is reported that can be used in food, cosmetics and drug manufacturing.

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