Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Seoul Chungmuro Subway Station Paris Baguette Cafe

Paris Baguette Cafe

This is the photo of a cafe at Toegyero near Chungmuro Subway Station in Seoul. I took this photo when I was on the way back to Seoul Youth Hostel during my visit to Seoul in February.

The name of this cafe is Paris Baguette Cafe. It's a franchise cafe. There are many Paris Baguette Cafes throughout South Korea. Almost every subway station in Seoul, there is a Paris Baguette Cafe nearby.

Paris Baguette Cafe provides French renowned breads and confectioneries. The prices of food and beverage in Paris Baguette are pretty affordable. A cup of tea or coffee is only 1500 Won.

Remember to drop in Paris Baguette Cafe to have your refreshments when you are on vacation in Seoul.

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