Saturday, July 9, 2011

Some Information On Further Study In South Korea

Che Siti

One of my Malay version blog readers, Che Siti asked me some information on further study in South Korea.

After browsing her blogger profile, I found out that she is from Beaufort Sabah. As far as I know, Malaysia Public Service Department has offered scholarship for SPM holders to pursue advanced studies in universities of South Korea. Unfortunately this offer will be terminated from next year onward.

Che Siti can visit web site of South Korea Ministry of Education, Embassy of South Korea in Malaysia and Malaysia Ministry of High Education for more detail information.

In case Che Siti is interested in youth exchange program, feel free to read my article: MIZY Seoul Youth Cultural Exchange Center.

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  1. Jika saya berminat untuk menyertai program ini,adakah saya perlu menyediakn apa2 perbelanjaa?..adakah saya perlu menyediakan apa2 dokumen?..saya adalah peljar sepenuh masa di USM pineng..TQ...^^


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