Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Influence Of Anwar Ibrahim Still Solid

Anwar Ibrahim

Malaysia opposition party leader Anwar Ibrahim campaigned in the Merlimau by-election recently. He fully supported the PAS candidate Haji Yuhaizad Abdullah, who was representing Pakatan Rakyat.

Attended a political talk organised by Pakatan Rakyat at Jalan Pahlawan, Merlimau on March 1. Anwar Ibrahim, shadow prime minister of Malaysia alternative government was one of the speakers. His speech was really fantastic. Every word as sharp as bamboo splinter which stabbed BN to death.

Anwar Ibrahim once again challenged prime minister of Malaysia and also president of BN to debate about the bankruptcy of Malaysia. In addition to that, he also exposed the inflation, corruption, illegally outflow of wealth and latest outcome of sodomy trial.

The audiences were comprised of multiracial of Malaysia at that night. This situation has proven that Anwar Ibrahim is still an influential political leader in Malaysia.

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