Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DAP Super Handsome Cool Man Nga Kor Ming

Nga Kor Ming

Malaysia DAP Perak Taiping Member of Parliament Nga Kor Ming is a super handsome cool man. He should join singing, movie and television industry. Why not venturing in these fields simultaneously? It can gain worldwide reputation and spread the fame of nation.

Listening to Nga Kor Ming gave speech was pretty enjoying. I met Nga Kor Ming twice. Previously, it was at Johor DAP dinner which was organized by Muar Bentayan DAP. This time it was at Malacca Bandar Hilir DAP dinner at Malacca Pay Fong High School Hall.

Speeches delivered by Nga Kor Ming were truly dynamic. He is one of extraordinary DAP young leaders. His words are as sharp as dagger. He likes to quote from the classics to ridicule his political opponents.

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