Tuesday, May 18, 2010

South Korean Raspberry Wine

South Korean Raspberry Wine
The stuff in the above photo is the South Korean Raspberry Wine which my son purchased for me. He bought this wine in Seoul. The Raspberry Wine is available at liquor shops, Chinese medicine shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets in Malaysia.

The Raspberry Wine is a product of a prestigious South Korean brewery---Bohae Brewery. It had been awarded a silver medal in the 2005 Dallas Morning News International Wine Competition. In addition to that, it was the beverage of the 2005 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation banquet.

South Korean Raspberry Wine
The Korean name of Raspberry Wine is Bokbunjajoo. According to a South Korean fable, a man found out that after eating Bokbunja, his chamber pot was turned over by his urine. Bok means turning over, Bun means chamber pot, Ja means man and Joo means wine. That's why the Raspberry Wine was named as Bokbunjajoo.

The raspberry fruits can be used for brewing wine and manufacturing medicine. The Raspberry Wine is effective for the treatment of impotence and prostate problem.

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