Monday, May 24, 2010

Escaped From The Kiss Of A Paradise Tree Snake

Two unexpected visitors dropped in my residence recently. The first visitor was the 1Malaysia political frog's relative---a toad.

Before going to bed at midnight on May 21, I discovered a toad in the bathroom corner. I just swept it into the drain.

Paradise Tree Snake
The next morning, I was surprise to find out another visitor during lunch time. The second visitor was a paradise tree snake. Its length was about 1 meter. Athough I am as timid as a mouse, I had to get rid of the snake for the safety of my family.

Immediately, I closed all the rooms' doors in the house. Then I looked for a mop stick to fight with the snake. I beat the body of the snake in the first attack. The next strike, I hit the head of the snake. The snake bowed to me on the ground. To ensure that the snake was really dead, I gave it few more blows.

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  1. O.M.G. that sound not like fun at all! I'm glad you could get rid of the snake....eeek...I hate snakes! Is that frog poison also?

    Keep your eyes open now!

  2. errr...where exactly is ur house that all these animals could come n "visit" u?

  3. use hot water next time xD more effective!

  4. Susanne:
    Thank you for your regard.
    I will always keep my eyes open.

    My house is where my family and I lived.

    It's a good suggestion.

  5. Paradise tree snakes are not poisonous and are sometimes kept as pets. In fact, most green snakes are not poisonous. It could have been released unharmed with great benefit to the environment.


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