Monday, May 10, 2010

The Orchids Bloomed Without Fear Or Favor

I have no income after retirement. Hopefully, I can get some money to cover my living expenses.

My orchids were in full bloom lately. Chinese believe that the blooming of flowers is a sign of wealth and prosperity. Unfortunately, I didn't get rich, instead became poorer.

Since I have never committed crimes and borrowed money from loan sharks, I wouldn't afraid of police, MACC officers or loan sharks knock at my door at midnight. Although I am poor but I have nothing to worry.

The Chinese pastoral poet---Tao Yuan Ming (365-427), also known as Tao Qian, was a famous Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420) poet. He wouldn't "bow like a slave in return for bushels of grain". He disdained to collaborate with the corrupt government officials and resigned his post.

As a teacher, I did my duty without fear or favor. I applied for optional retirement because unsatisfied with the unreasonable officers. It's a coincidence that Tao Yuan Ming and I like gardening as well as enjoying country life.

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  1. Maybe you did gain prosperity, but maybe not with money but in the brilliance of the mind and in the quality of friends and associates you had acquired over the years.


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