Thursday, April 29, 2010

South Korean Roasted Squid With Butter

South Korean Roasted Squid With Butter
My son returned home from Seoul to celebrate Lunar New Year in January this year. He brought back a full suitcase of South Korean products. These South Korean stuffs including mi-fang, ma-ci, seaweed, seaweed snack, cereal snack, souvenirs, ginseng essence, ginseng candy, ginseng tea, green tea, custard pie, wooden coaster, stainless steel spoon, stainless steel bowl and the above roasted squid with butter.

South Korean Roasted Squid With Butter
The flavor of South Korean squid is different with the Malaysian squid. Perhaps the reason is because of the eating habit of South Korean and Malaysian. Malaysian squid is either too spicy or salty, otherwise is extremely sweet. The South Korean squid has a fragrance smell of butter.

Although the South Korean squid is so tasty but you better don’t try it without sharp and strong teeth.

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