Friday, October 3, 2014

Savoring Lunch At Lugu Taiwan

35 Earthen Jar Chicken Restaurant

On the way to Sun Link Sea, we stopped at Lugu to take our lunch.

Taiwan Lugu

This Google map shows the location of Lugu in Central Taiwan Nantou County .

35 Earthen Jar Chicken Restaurant

We enjoyed Taiwan food at this restaurant which served savory Lugu earthen jar chicken.

Earthen Jar Chicken

The earthen jar chicken of 35 Earthen Jar Chicken Restaurant was truly fingers licking delicious.

Bamboo Rice

The second dish was bamboo rice of Taiwanese aborigine. Its taste was different with bamboo rice which we had eaten in Malaysia.

Taiwan Prawn Tomyam

This was Taiwan prawn tomyam served by the restaurant. The soup was not spicy or sour. All the prawns were fresh and tasty.

Braised Fish

This braised fish was also mouth watering. We ate the fish until only remained fish bones.

Fried Yam

This crispy yam was served together with other dishes. That's why I am not sure it's appetizer or dessert.

35 Earthen Jar Chicken Restaurant

This is the photo of the kitchen of 35 Earthen Jar Chicken Restaurant. The chicken were marinated with spices and roasted in the large earthen jar.

Longan Wood

Longan wood is used to roast the earthen jar chicken. Besides longan wood, lychee wood is also used as fuel for roasting earthen jar chicken.

Bethlehem Tea Restaurant

Bethlehem Tea Restaurant is beside 35 Earthen Jar Restaurant. Food serves are vegetarian food such as tea cuisine, bamboo rice and bamboo shoot.

Lung Sung Restaurant

Lung Sung Restaurant is opposite of 35 Earthen Jar Chicken. Customers have many choices of food. Apart from food, visitors can watch the magnificent sunset and beautiful view of Lugu.

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