Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fraser Hill Bird Interpretive Center

Bird Interpretive Center

After savoring lunch at Scott Restaurant, we dropped in Fraser Hill Bird Interpretive Center.

Fraser Hill Tourism Complex

Bird Interpretive Center is at the first floor of Tourism Complex which is opposite Scott Restaurant and Puncak Inn in the mini town of Fraser Hill.

Mugimaki Flycatcher

Bird Interpretive Center is a gallery of local and migratory bird species in Fraser Hill. Detail information on birds found in Fraser Hill is available at Bird Interpretive Center.


Many bird photos and specimens are displayed at Bird Interpretive Center.  Among the birds can be watched in Fraser Hill are doves, eagles, hornbills, pheasants, hawk-cuckoo, blue hill flycatcher and mugimaki flycatcher.

Bird Interpretive Center

This is the label of a CD which I bought in Fraser Hill. In case you are a bird lover, you can buy "The Natural Sounds of Fraser Hill". The price of the CD was RM 30. Receipt was not given, even though I requested for it.

Bird Interpretive Center

Entrance to Bird Interpretive Center is free of charge. The center is only open during week end from 10 am to 7 pm. During week days, visitors can get help from Puncak Inn staffs.

Bird Interpretive Center

Don't miss the change to visit Bird Interpretive Center when you are around Fraser Hill. Especially visitors with family should visit the center because it will strengthen the relations among family members.

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