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Selangor Kajang Satay Town

Kajang Satay

Kajang is renowned for its satay. Currently, Kajang is in the limelight because of N25 by-election.


This is Kajang Assemblyman Service Center. It's located at Jalan Mendaling and near Shi Ye Temple. (This photo was taken in 2012)

Kajang By-election

The polling date of Kajang by-election is on 23 March. The by-election will be a straight fight between PKR President Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and MCA Vice-President Chew Mei Fun.

Zaid Ibrahim who had been accused of being UMNO proxy, decided not to contest in the by-election. Before that, he was interested to offer himself as an independent candidate in the by election.


Before attending teacher training course in Johor Bahru, I had been teaching in Kajang SJKC Yu Hua.

This photo was taken with year six pupils during that time. The background was the old school hall. Reconstruction work of school hall and classroom was in progress when I was there.


I had shown up at a rally which was organized by Dong Jiao Zong in Kajang in 2012.

After the meetup, I moved to SJKC Yu Hua to take some photos. The landscape of the school was different. New school buildings proudly erected in the school compound.

Kajang 325 Rally

Kajang 325 Rally sparked at New Era College on 25 March 2012. Dong Zong President pointed out that protest rally would continue kick off throughout whole nation if the shortage of teacher in SJKC was not solved.

New Era College

Located at Jalan Bukit in Kajang, New Era College was established in 1997.

Admission Requirement:
Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)
Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM)
Unified Examination Certificate / Unified Examination Certificate-Vocational (UEC / UEC-V)
Other equivalent qualifications : LCCI, Pitman and A-Level.

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