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Getting Around Kuala Trengganu Town

Kuala Trengganu

This is the traffic congestion along Jalan Sultan Ismail of Kuala Trengganu.


Renting of ATV is available at the water front of Kuala Trengganu during daytime.

Led Tree

The beautiful view of colorful led trees at Kuala Trengganu water front as night falls.

Kuala Trengganu Chinatown

Kuala Trengganu Chinatown is a must visit tourist hotspot. Don't miss it while you are around Kuala Trengganu.

Syahbandar Jetty

Syahbandar Jetty is the gateway to Pulau Redang dan Pulau Lang Tengah. It takes around 1 hour 40 minutes to travel from Syahbandar Jetty to these islands.

Kuala Trengganu

There is a temporary jetty near Syahbandar Jetty. This jetty enables the residents of Seberang Takir to go to Kuala Trengganu by boat. The Seberang Takir villagers pay RM 1 per person for each trip.

Trengganu Tourist Information Centre

Trengganu Tourist Information Centre is located at the opposite of Syahbandar Jetty. The staffs on duty are friendly and helpful. Feel free to drop by the centre. They would be glad to serve you.

Kuala Trengganu Heritage Bazaar

Heritage Bazaar offers a wide range of traditional crafts such as silk, batik, songket, T-shirts, clothing, souvenirs, brassware and Malay Sword. The Heritage Bazaar opens daily from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Payang Central Market

A Malay lady was selling fruits and vegetables outside Kuala Trengganu Payang Central Market. The stuffs she sold were chili, petai, jering, mango, soursop, rambutan, setoi fruit, pineapple, sweet potato and kundang fruit.

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