Monday, July 15, 2013

South Korea Jeju Dragon Head Rock


Dragon Head Rock located on the eastern coast of Jeju City. The length of Dragon Head Rock is around 30 meter. The height of dragon head emerges from water surface is about 10 meter.

The rock is named as Dragon Head Rock because it resembles a dragon head. Based on the signboard information, Dragon Head Rock was formed after volcanic lava frozen.


There is a rock statue of woman diver near Dragon Head Rock. The woman diver is Jeju woman who is truly skillful in diving. Their routine is dealing with scooping fish, abalone, seaweed and shellfish


It so happened that I saw this scooping net left on the rock. This is the net used by the woman diver for scooping.


These slices of octopus tentacles are the favorite food of Japanese tourists. If you like raw seafood, you can try these octopus tentacle slices.

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