Thursday, July 11, 2013

Malacca Jasin Selandar Farm

Selandar Farm

Selandar Farm is located at Jasin Selandar in Malacca. The farm is around 30 over km from Malacca city.

Most of the plants in Selandar Farm are dragon fruit plants. Beyond that there are many other fruits trees and plants including durian, pomelo, water apple, mangosteen, kedongdong and passion fruit.

Selandar Farm

Selandar Farm is open to public for free for one month (15/6/13--15/7/13). After the free period, visitors have to pay the admission fee.

Child: RM 5
Adult: RM 10

Visiting Hours
10:00 am--6:00pm

Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is also known as buah susu or buah markisa in Malay. The passion fruit plant is a climbing vine. The fruit is rich in health nutrient such as fiber, mineral, vitamin and antioxidants.

Water Apple

The water apples (bell fruit) hanging on the branch were not so red. May be it's a common species of water apple tree.


There is a pond in Selandar Farm. Paddle boats are available for visitors.

This black face goose just came up from the pond. Perhaps the goose was too tired after swimming in the pond. When the goose noticed I was taking photo, it kept on posing in front of the lens. It seemed that the goose liked to take photo.

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