Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Selangor Sekinchan Fruit Stall


There is a fruit stall outside PLS Marketing Rice Mill. It's dealing with some local products of Sekinchan.

After checking out PLS Marketing Rice Mill, we moved to the fruit stall to buy some Sekinchan stuffs.


Fruits are the main items sell at the fruit stall. It's fruit season during our visit to Sekinchan. My wife bought a few big Sekinchan mangos. These mangos are truly tasty.


In case you are fond of corns, you can buy a few corns to bring back for savoring. I am unable to share with you the taste of the corns because my wife didn't buy any of the corns.

Rice Noodles

Sekinchan rice noodles are made from Sekinchan pearl rice. No wonder rice noodles fried by my wife are so delicious.

Remember to drop by the fruit stall after visiting PLS Marketing Rice Mill. Maybe there will be a surprise for you.

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