Monday, April 22, 2013

Jeju Island Ilchulbong Sunrise Peak


Ilchulbong means sunrise peak. It's located at the eastern part of Jeju Island. Ilchulbong is around 40 km from Jeju International Airport. The height of Ilchulbong is 182 meter.

After leaving Jeju International Airport, we headed to Ilchulbong which is nearby Songsan. Actually visiting Ilchulbong was the second day itinerary of our Jeju Island trip. Based on the weather forecast, it would rain on that day so we changed our schedule.


Due to old age, we had to rest for a few times before reaching the peak. Finally we overcome our weariness and conquered the peak.

There were quite many elderly tourists climbing Ilchulbong. They moved step by step and arrived at the peak with confident.


Visitors had to pass by Songsan before climbing Ilchulbong. Songsan is small town at the foot of Ilchulbong. It takes about 2 hours to board a bus from Jeju International Airport to Songsan. Travel from Seogwipo at southern Jeju, the traveling time is around 2 and half hours.

Dunkin's Donuts

Before leaving Ilchulbong, take five and have some refreshments at Songsan. In case you like donuts, you can try Jeju donuts at Dunkin' Donuts.


Suppose you are not in a hurry, you can proceed to the mermaid women house. The mermaid women are Jeju women who are skillful in diving. They are able to dive into the sea without oxygen cylinder. Their job is to scoop fish, abalone, seaweed and shellfish.

If you are fond of raw seafood, don't miss to savor at the mermaid women house.

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