Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sekinchan PLS Marketing Rice Mill

PLS Marketing

During our holiday trip to Sekinchan, we visited Sekinchan PLS Marketing Rice Mill. The rice mill is a paddy processing factory which allows tourists to visit.


Get ready the paddy first before milling. After that the paddy will be put into the machine for milling.

Rice Milling Machine

After milling, the husk will be separated from the rice. The ready milled rice will drop into this vessel.

Rice Milling Machine

A plastic bag is used to collect the rice from this outlet of the milling machine. The rice then is sent for packaging.

Rice Husk

The outermost layer of the paddy grain is the rice husk. After separating from the rice grain the husk is collected in this big black bucket.

Rice Milling Machine

The old rice mill machine is for displaying to visitors. You can see the process of the paddy being milled.

Rice Milling Machine

This is the new rice mill machine used by the plant. Comparing to the old milling machine, this new machine is truly different.

Rice Packaging Machine

This is the photo of a new rice packaging machine. A worker was packing small packet of pearl rice.

In case you are around in Sekinchan, remember to drop by PLS Marketing Rice Mill to find out the processing of the rice mill. Beyond that you can purchase pearl rice for sharing with your family.

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  2. what did they do with the paddy husk?


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