Friday, March 22, 2013

Pengerang Kampung Jawa Old Town

Kampung Jawa

In the journey back to Sungai Rengit, we passed by Pengerang Kampung Jawa old town. We stopped for a while to take some photos. Apart from that, I tried to chat with the locals to know more about Pengerang.

Kampung Jawa old town is located not far away from Pengelih Marina Jetty. It was coincidentally that a couple and their son who had committed suicide were from Kampung Jawa. The incident was led by poverty and relocation ordered by government.

Jeti Kampung Jawa

The history of Kampung Jawa is more than hundred years. Most of the residents of Kampung Jawa are farmers and fishermen.

Since the RAPID project started in Pengerang, many Pengerang residents lost their livelihood caused by environmental pollution. Furthermore they also have to face land acquisition problem.

The investment of Taiwan Kuo Kuang Petrochemical in Pengerang has provoked the issue of dissatisfaction among the Pengerang folks. Even the lobsters will extinct due to sea pollution.

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