Thursday, March 7, 2013

Malacca Tanjung Tuan Raptor Watch

Raptor Watch

Malaysian Nature Society is organizing Raptor Watch 2013 at Malacca Tanjung Tuan on March 9 to 10. (This photo was taken last year)

Raptor Watch

During March last year, my wife and I went to Tanjung Tuan. Apart from meeting the lighthouse again, I shot a few photos of the flying raptors.

Sadly, I failed to capture any clear photo of the raptors because I couldn't afford lens for bird photography.

Tanjung Tuan

This is the entrance to the lighthouse. Actually you can drive in but public are no allow to do so.

Remember to bring umbrella to shelter yourself from sun and rain. The umbrella can be use to chase away monkeys which are asking for food from the visitors.

Ilham Resort

There is a resort, that's Ilham Resort located at the foot of the hill. Observatory tower is provided at Ilham Resort for watching the raptors glide in the sky.

Before leaving Tanjung Tuan, you can have a rest and refreshment at Ilham Resort.

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