Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pengerang Tanjung Pengelih Marina Jetty

Marina Jetty

Marina Jetty is located at Tanjung Pengelih of Pengerang in South-Easten Johor. Distance between TLDM Base and Jetty Marina is not far. It's not more than 5 minutes drive from TLDM Base to Jetty Marina.

Marina Jetty is the gateway to Pengerang from Singapore. Tourists from Singapore go to Pengerang by ferry from Changi Jetty. From Marina Jetty, they will proceed to Sungai Rengit to savoring seafood by taxi. In case you have booked a hotel room, you can request for providing transfer from Marina Jetty.

A few companies offer ferry services. I wished to take a few photos on the information of the ferry companies but a Malaysia Immigration officer did not allow me to do so. Marina Jetty is not a navy or army base, that officer seemed to be brainless.

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