Monday, February 4, 2013

Diftong And Vocal Berganding


I was shocked to know that SJKC year 3 pupils have to learn diftong and vokal berganding in Bahasa Malaysia.

Who is the crazy person made this stupid decision?

What are diftong and vokal berganding?

Diftong: ai, au, oi.
Example: tupai, pisau, sepoi.

Vokal berganding: aa, ai, au, ia, iu, ua, ui.
Example: saat, naik, lauk, diam, tiup, jual, duit.

How to differentiate diftong and vokal berganding?

Diftong: Read as one syllable and pronounce fast. Kedai=ke+dai, pulau=pu+lau, amboi=am+boi.

Vokal berganding: Have to read seperately as two syllables. baik=ba+ik, kaum=ka+um, liar=li+ar, luas=lu+as.

Year 3 pupils are small kids. They are not phonetics experts. In fact they know the syllables and able to read simple words of BM, that's more than enough.

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