Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sabah KK Australia Place

Australia Place

Walking from Sabah KK Tourism Building for a minute, you will arrive at KK Australia Place.

Australia Place is the venue where Australian army landed during World War 2. The old buildings along both sides of the street are still preserved. Have a stroll at Australia Place as if return to the 50s.

Lucy Home Stay

There are quite many backpacker hostels available at Australia Place.

These budget accommodation include Hotel Garden、Lucy Home Stay, Travelers' Light、Tropicana Lodge、Backpacker's Hostel、Borneo Backpackers and Kinabalu Backpackers Lodge.

Australia Place

Walk through the Australia Place, there are bundle of printing companies and rubber stamp shops. That's the distinguishing feature of Australia Place in Kota Kinabalu.

Borneo Cafe

Borneo Museum Kopitiam is at the opposite of Lucy Home Stay. This quaint kopitiam is at the ground floor of Kinabalu Backpackers Lodge. I have no idea regarding the taste of the coffee provided by this kopitiam.

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