Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lembing Panorama Hill Sea of Clouds

Sea of Clouds

We climbed up Lembing Panorama Hill to watch the splendid sunrise. It's too bad that it started to rain drizzly early in the morning. The Sun was on strike and unwilling to meet any visitors.

Lembing Panorama Hill

Although we missed the magnificent sunrise but we were lucky to capture the dreamy sea of clouds.

The sea of clouds was not only a natural landscape it also beautified the mountains around Sungai Lembing. The hikers were as if at a virtual world.

Wooden Pavilion

This is a small pavilion at the foot of Lembing Panorama Hill. The distance from Country View Inn to this small pavilion is just a few minutes of walk. Follow the track and hike up the hill base on your physical fitness from hurting yourself.

Lembing Panorama Hill

There is another small pavilion at the hillside. Stop and have a rest before reaching the hilltop.

Safety precautions to be taken for climbing Lembing Panorama Hill:

Before heading to Sungai Lembing, it's advisable to check online the local weather. If you don't want to get wet, it's better for you to get ready the rain gear. Furthermore, in case you want to see sunrise, you have to go up Lembing Panorama Hill before the Sun showing up. So you have to bring along torch light, or else you will roll down the hill in the dark.

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