Thursday, November 29, 2012

Zaanse Schans Museum And Craft Center

Bakery Museum

When passing by the bakery museum, the tourists will stop and take some photos for sweet memories.

There are several museums in Zaanse Schans. Among the museums are Zaans Museum, grocery museum, clock and watch museum and brewery museum with tasting room. Tasting of Netherlands liquor is provided in the tasting room.

Saense Lelie

Saense Lelie was moved from Wesrzaan to Zaanse Schans in 1973. It's a craft center with workshops and painting studio showcasing a wide range of local crafts and paintings.

Demonstration of glass blowing and making of delft blue pottery by skillful artisans are available daily.

Photo Shop

This is the picture of a photo shop in Zaanse Schans. The photographers of the photo shop will take photos for you.

In addition to providing photography services, the photo shop also selling a variety of souvenirs include bags, caps, postcards, key chains, wooden shoes and windmill models.

Photo Shop

Before leaving Zaanse Schans, you will pass by a photograph store. All the photographs taken by the shooting crews will be displayed there.

Don't worry you won't be forced to buy the photos. You can buy them if you wish.

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