Friday, September 28, 2012

Pengerang Sungai Rengit Super Lobster Restaurant

Super Lobster Restaurant

Located in Pengerang Sungai Rengit, Super Lobster Restaurant is a seafood restaurant. The name of this restaurant indicates that lobster delicacy is the selling point of the restaurant.

The owner of Super Lobster Restaurant revealed that Super Lobster Restaurant just started operating recently in Sungai Rengit. It seems to be one of the popular seafood restaurants in Pengerang.

Stewed Soup Super Lobster

This stewed soup super lobster is the top-rated gourmet of Super Lobster Restaurant. The price of the lobster is based on its category. The price of super lobster is RM 16 per 100 gm. The large lobster is RM 14 per 100 gm and the small lobster is RM 12 per 100 gm.

Super Lobster Restaurant provides diversity of lobster dishes, such as stewed soup lobster, lobster salad, butter lobster and grilled lobster. Other seafood available are spicy mussel, boiled prawn, grilled scallop, chili cuttlefish, salted egg crab, black pepper crab and Hong Kong style steamed marine fish.

In addition to the delicious seafood, Super Lobster Restaurant also offers Super Lobster bean curd, ginger + scallion venison and oyster sauce fresh vegetable.

Contact: 07-8263699
Addres: 20, Jalan Siakap, Sungai Rengit, Pengerang, Johor.

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