Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pahang Sungai Lembing Tomato Sauce Noodles

Tomato Sauce Noodles

The delicious tomato sauce noodle is Sungai Lembing famous food. This is one of the foods you shouldn't miss when you are visiting Sungai Lembing. Many lovers of tomato sauce noodles travel all the way to taste this delicacy.

During March school holidays, we had gone to the East Coast of West Malaysia. Our first destination was Sungai Lembing in Pahang. We were there for two days one night. Besides taking photos at the attractions, we also savor quite many tasty foods in Sungai Lembing.


At 2 pm, we arrived in Sungai Lembing. We were truly hungry and hurried to look for a restaurant. Coincidentally, we dropped in the food stall of this cook.

The ingredients of the tomato sauce noodles include egg, noodles, fish cake, fresh pork, tomato sauce, barbecued pork and Chinese cabbage.

The price of the tomato sauce noodles is RM 4. If you are in Sungai Lembing for holidays, remember to try this special food of Sungai Lembing.

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